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What We Do

Lifton Associates, LLC provides assistance in multiple facets of health care management.

Medical Staff Development Planning

Strategic and Business Planning

Having the right number and mix of physicians on staff is necessary for an organization to serve the community, meet patient needs and expectations, and appropriately utilize the available services, equipment, and facilities. Our medical staff development assistance includes:

  • Comprehensive medical staff planning; service area physician demand and supply, client organization physician needs, and establishing recruitment priorities.

  • Focused analysis of a single specialty or related group of specialties; often as part of program or service planning.

  • Advice on physician practice location and configuration.

  • Input in structuring hospital-physician joint ventures.

  • Assessing the role and impact of non-physician providers.

We help clients make informed decisions on the gamut of organizational, program, and service opportunities and challenges. Our assistance includes:

  • Strategy formulation, review, and implementation.

  • Planning process facilitation.

  • Service line planning.

  • Feasibility studies; review of internally-developed business plans.

  • Analysis of new business opportunities and divestiture candidates.

Governance Support

Our services to support health care governing boards include:

  • Organizing, facilitating, and speaking at leadership retreats.

  • Structuring and facilitating board self-assessments.

  • Affiliation assistance; identifying partners, developing affiliation arrangements

  • Input on governance design.

Unique Assignments

Our team is prepared to help clients with unique “one off” assignments. It may be the first time your organization is facing a particular situation, but we may well have the experience and expertise to assist you.

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