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In Writing

James Lifton writes on topics related to his health care consulting practice, service on the American Board of Medical Specialties, and teaching at the University of Illinois Chicago. Following are some of his writings. Copies of articles not available via download can be obtained by contacting us.

Medical Staff Development Planning

Strategic and Business Planning

Filling Your Physician Needs. Trustee, February 2018.

Describes components of a contemporary medical staff development plan. 

Download the article here. 


Gauging the Financial Impact of Physicians on Hospitals. hfm, April 2012. 

Shows inpatient and outpatient revenue generated per physician, by specialty.

Download the article here. 


Establishing Principles for Hospital-Physician Joint Ventures. Trustee, February 2006.

Download the article here. 


The Demand for Spine Surgeons. The Spine Journal, November-December 2008.


Developing and Fine-Tuning a Business Plan. Strategic Health Care Marketing, June 2002.


Involve Physicians in Strategic Planning. Healthcare Executive, January-February 2008.

Strategic Planning’ Strategic Health Care Marketing, September 2003.

Retreat Facilitation and Governance

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Holding a Successful Retreat. Strategic Health Care Marketing, August 2002.


The Leadership Retreat was a Success. Now What? Spectrum, November-December, 2006

Download the article here. 

Governing Boards and Clinical Quality. Health Affairs, December 2015.

Jim Lifton and his associates are experienced speakers. They have presented to audiences including:

  • Hospitals, health systems, and other provider organizations.

  • Professional societies and trade groups.

  • Graduate students and resident physicians.


If you are looking for a keynote speaker, meeting facilitator, panel participant, or knowledgeable resource for another setting, we would be pleased to discuss how we could
work with you.

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